Songs for Supper

CD Fundraiser 2011 - Thanks a lot to all those who submitted and supported the Acton FoodShare for the annual Songs For Supper CD. With a truly beautiful mix of musical genres the judges, Eric Niblock, Arlene Humphreys, Kellen Wiesma, Darren Atherton and Tim Alberts took their time picking the best mix for the 12 track album. Congratulations to those chosen for the CD.

The Artist and songs are as follows.

No Souls In Manchester-The White Motif
Dream Aria- The Rythm of Now
Cut Throat Kids- Bring It Down
Wendy West- 'Bout Me
The Lucky Ones- Born to the Ward
Jim Perry- Melody for Mom
Z-Rok-Fren-Z -7 Piece Dinner
The Alder Folk- Coast to Coast
Peter Yake- When You Rise
Strokes Bay- Soteria
One Night Stand- Time
Matthew Blacquiere- Rythm of the Sea

The launch party for the CD was on May 7th 2011 at The Roxy in downtown Acton. 

CD Fundraiser 2010  - The Acton Foodshare would like to thank the many songwriters who submitted material for the original cd, Songs For Supper.  Songs were chosen to represent a wide range of styles.

Here are the artists and songs chosen for the original cd.

Brent Cooper - Shellana
Caspian Sawczak - Midas Clutch
Robbie G - This is wat we do
Celidh Barker - The last spaceman
Brian Carlo - What about me
Happy Hour - Joe Blow
Daysleeper - Glorious Day
Darren Atherton and Nabi Loney - Crown of Weeds
The Great Wooden Trio - Grey Street
Philip Cottrell - Mask
Lance Couri - Better than this
Windswept Shore - Peaceful City
Don Ablett - Lullaby for Christopher 

Songs for Supper was released on April 17 2010 at the Roxy in Acton. Please support local music and the foodbank .